Rising Tide: A LitRPG Novel (Age of Steam Book 1) (English Edition)


The Iron Guild reigns supreme. The massive organization dominates the virtual reality MMO world of Age of Steam, using their vast wealth, military might, and their control of the all-important trade routes. Outsiders must bow to their demands, or invite destruction down on their heads.

But some continue to resist the Iron Guild's influence. And when the latest demands push them too far, four players decide to push back. They will use any method to break the Guild's stranglehold, whether it be smuggling, conspiracy, or outright violence. The trade war will be fought in the back alleys of the cities, on the open seas, in the markets and exchanges, and in the workshops and factories.

In the world of steel and steam, only one side will triumph. For a rising tide lifts all ships, but it may also drown those caught in its path…

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Rising Tide: A LitRPG Novel (Age of Steam Book 1) (English Edition)

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