Rise of the Aranthians (Osric's Wand, Books 1-3) (English Edition)


Rise of the Aranthians Books 1-3

The first three novels of the Osric’s Wand series are here in a single special-edition collection.

In The Wand-Maker’s Debate, meet Archana’s reluctant hero, Osric, and the companions who join him on his mission. They strike out into the world to track down the terrorists who prevented the signing of the largest peace treaty in the history of Archana, but they uncover even greater mysteries and dark secrets from the past.

In The High-Wizard’s Hunt, enemies of peace continue to plot against Osric and everything he stands for. As our heroes discover how little they know of magic’s potential, they find far more questions than answers. Learning the identity of the true enemy can’t prevent their own forces from turning against them, and trying to prevent a war might ultimately initiate one.

In The Well of Strands, the inquiry into Archana’s past and magic’s potential divides Osric’s team and generates unexpected alliances. Osric learns that some myths are true, some of his core beliefs are false, and magic may not be enough to overcome evil.

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Rise of the Aranthians (Osric's Wand, Books 1-3) (English Edition)

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