Revival: For a house, you can have many different keys to different rooms, but there is also a universal key to all doors. (The Passage God Put In My Heart Book 1) (English Edition)

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Introduction: I became saved as a 13year old boy, and baptized in the spirit at the same time, without using the new language as much as I ought. I was baptized in water when I was one year (as saved). When I had been saved for three years, I went from only experiencing God’s presence at meetings or after about 2hours in prayer, to experiencing his presence after one instant attention on heaven. One time at that school year, I lay down in my bed and meditated and thanked for the revelations I had received that day concerning faith. While I lay there and felt that I already had received a lot of strong revelations, it was precisely like as I saw a passage just under the roof, and it drew nearer to my heart until it came into my heart. I could hardly breathe when the passage came into my heart. It was a feeling of joy and thanksgiving. But still I didn’t know what I had received from God. But I crawled out of my bed and up to my desk where my bible lay. And I started to look for the passage I had received from God. And turned the pages very quickly until I came to Eph 4:11-14, it was at the right page, the right column, at the bottom, and verse 14 ended at the end of this page, and at that instant I knew that this was the passage God had put in my heart. God had put this passage, these 4 verses, in my heart. Especially verse 11, but verses 11 to 16 are all very important verses. And when I had read this passage, verses 11 to 14, I began to rejoice, exult, give thanks and ask God why I had not seen this before.

Someone says that the key to ‘revival’ is:
Good deeds
Hunger after revival
The renewal of the mind

For a house, you can have many different keys to different rooms, but there is also a universal key to all doors. If you only have the other keys, it is easy to lose one and thus not enter that part of the house. But if we have the universal key we will come in anywhere. And there are always some rooms only the universal key has access to.

What we need in any city is to get into all the rooms that God has for us. But then it doesn’t help with only many keys, but most importantly is the universal key. I think the points above are keys to ‚revival‘ (except the last, for it is not possible to buy the gift of God, Acts 8:20-23), but that there also exists a universal key that gives you access to all these rooms. And this universal key is: The hand, that is, the five ministries, which we read about in verse 11 in the fourth chapter in the letter to the Ephesians.

The hand

The reason that I call them the hand, is that I think that’s a good term of the five:
the thumb – the apostle (a very important finger that most natural touches all the other fingers, and used to grasp objects),
the index finger – the prophet (who points to sin and often can be vehement, and pointing forward in time),
the middle finger – the evangelist (who reaches farthest out),
the ring finger – the shepherd (who embraces the sheep, makes a ring around the sheep) and
the little finger – the teacher (who goes deepest into the ear).

When Paul mentions these five here, we see that it is without thought about who is first and last, but it is interesting to see that it is the correct order with respect to the hand, if one starts with the apostle.

Another rule of hand is the senses:
see – the apostle sees the drawing for the house of God, which he needs to be a master builder
hear – the prophet hears about future
tasting – the evangelist is tasting many new cultures
feel – the elder have compassion for the sheep
smell – the teacher must smell if someone asks a question because they are sincere or they will put him to a test

Eph 4:11 is not the only place we have a litany of the fingers on the hand. We find them also in 1 Corinthians 12:28, and here they stand in order:

1Co 12:28

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Revival: For a house, you can have many different keys to different rooms, but there is also a universal key to all doors. (The Passage God Put In My Heart Book 1) (English Edition)

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