Representative (Shadows of war Book 14) (English Edition)


Science Fiction

On the outskirts of the empire is Malibu planet, its surface is covered with salt, but some places are raised island with grass and trees. Farmers growth tuks on them, which is produced from the milk is extremely valuable substance – malzivu. Also Malibu has kvanzinos ??coal mining which are engaged in stiff competition with each other transplanetarnye company.
On one of the farms, where he lived an orphan Mike Bavarian, work for food and shelter shepherd, attacked by a gang of "dogs." Mike manages to escape, but his capture people from other gangs – "badgers". He finds a common language with them and begins its ascent from the simple "badger" to the imperial representative at the Malibu.

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Representative (Shadows of war Book 14) (English Edition)

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