Renewable Hydrogen: Community-Driven Energy for a WorldShift (English Edition)


RH2 is a sustainable way forward for the 21st century, made possible by local community engagement and cyclical natural resource management. RH2 is powered by renewable (=R) energy and water only.

In turn, the community-centric, cyclical resource management lifestyle made possible by Renewable Hydrogen is called the RH2 Cycle.

This is not the hydrogen society proposed by various national governments and energy companies, which is based on hydrogen produced from fossil fuels. We should expect, and work to make possible, a great leap forward in technological innovation—not rely on thinking wedded to the past.

We are selling a short book entitled Renewable Hydrogen, which offers general information regarding RH2, and highlights compelling case studies from around the world. The book has been edited to make information distilled from lectures, publically available sources, and interviews easy to read. Renewable Hydrogen appeals to people hearing about RH2 for the first time, as well as those who are already familiar and looking to deepen their understanding of this environmentally friendly technology.

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Renewable Hydrogen: Community-Driven Energy for a WorldShift (English Edition)

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