Reflections of God’s Love: A Christian Weight Loss Devotional (Healthy by Design Book 3) (English Edition)

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What if I told you that everything you were doing to try to lose weight was wrong; would you change?
What if I told you that the more you try to lose weight, the more you will probably end up gaining; would you stop dieting?
What if I told you that weight loss is an emotional issue that must be dealt with on a spiritual level and not only on a nutritional (eat less) or physical (exercise more) level; would you believe me?
When it comes to our weight, more than achieve a number on the scale, we want to be FREE. Free from obsessing about our weight; free from having to measure food; plan food; make time to go to the gym; weigh in; eat emotionally; stress over what we’re going to wear and what we’re going to cook for dinner.
We want to be led by the Holy Spirit so that we are so in tune with his leading that our health is no longer even on our radar. It happens as a natural outpouring of loving our Heavenly Father. 
The freedom we’re searching for is understanding and accepting God’s overwhelming and steadfast love for us. As we learn to give and receive it, all the other cares of this world will fall away. When love is the foundation of all we do, the Holy Spirit will strip everything else away—even the excess weight. What will be left is a life of gratitude, peace, joy, and love rooted in a wonderful relationship with our Heavenly Father.
“Let all that you do be done in love.”
1 Corinthians 14:16
This book is a beautiful collection of short healthy living inspired messages, prayers, declarations, scriptures, quotes, and songs to guide you in a twenty-one day journey to permanent weight loss, God’s way.
It was birthed from our popular Weight Loss, God’s Way Challenge—an on-line faith-based weight loss challenge which focuses on anchoring yourself in Christ for permanent weight loss.
Based on the feedback we’ve received, we’ve put together everything you loved about the challenge so you can continue to study, meditate and allow the Word of God to transform your health and your weight. If you’ve never taken the challenge before, then we recommend you sign up for our next one – free with the purchase of this book.

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Reflections of God’s Love: A Christian Weight Loss Devotional (Healthy by Design Book 3) (English Edition)

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