Ray And Cain Mysteries – Box Set 1 (English Edition)


4 short mystery stories

Murder In The Flower Beds
Getting involved in a murder investigation had never been part of Ray Rosenthorpe’s retirement plans. But here he was, on a Saturday morning in a garden centre, looking at a dead body in a shed.
A woman Ray knows is standing over the dead body with blood on her hands. She claims she had nothing to do with the murder, and asks Ray to help clear her name. Being the kind-hearted soul that he is, Ray agrees to help her.
With his best friend, Cain, at his side, the two are soon deep in their investigations.

The Missing Wife
“His wife has been kidnapped, and he’s out fishing?”
Ray and Cain are enjoying a peaceful morning fishing when a fellow fisherman gives them some shocking news. Terry Holt informs them his wife has been kidnapped. Even more shocking is Terry’s response – he doesn’t intend to do anything about the kidnapping because he’s enjoying his new found freedom too much.
Even though Ray and Cain don’t know Terry’s wife, they decide they have to do something to help her. Their investigations lead to a surprising result.

A Clean Murder
Linus Watkins has been cleaning Ray’s windows for years. As did Linus’ father before him. So when Linus suffers an accident and is out of action, Ray doesn’t hesitate to help him.
With his best friend, Cain, at his side, Ray sets out on Linus’ cleaning round.
All too soon, they discover Linus’ accident wasn’t an accident. Someone had tried to kill him.
Ray and Cain decide to make investigations into the incident and find many suspects. Their investigations take a turn, and they find themselves uncovering a disturbing secret.

The Final Scene
Ray and Cain appear as extras on a TV show. All goes well, and Cain even gets to meet his hero, Jason Diamond.
Later on, Cain receives a note from Jason inviting him to his caravan. Jason wants to offer him some acting advice. Cain eagerly sets off to the caravan.
Things take a turn for the worse when Ray goes looking for Cain and finds him crouched over the dead body of Jason Diamond.
Onlookers are convinced Cain murdered Jason. The evidence supports this, and Cain is arrested.
Ray can’t let his friend be charged for a crime he didn’t commit and sets about finding the real killer.

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Ray And Cain Mysteries – Box Set 1 (English Edition)

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