Rare Affections (English Edition)


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Rare Affections – The Debussy Trilogy

Rough Magic – In 1905, seeking anonymity, Claude Debussy and his new mistress make an English seaside resort their refuge from Paris and the scandal of their own making. Over that Edwardian summer, Alice Curran, soon to be eighteen and already attractive, meets and falls under the spell of that most sensual of composers. Beguiled by the foreigner, but also drawn to the son of the wealthy Bourton family, at summer's end she finally discovers the Frenchman's true identity. Even then, she has little idea of the influence he will have on her life.

Sea-Change – In London some sixty years later, her career as an actress ended, Alice befriends Alex, a young man of raw musical talent. Drawn into her world of theatre and a style previously unknown to him, he replenishes her life whilst building his.

The Harmony of Tongues – In Paris, Alex helps Alice to find again the man she believes would have shaped her life into what it was not. What they discover together joins past with present beyond either's expectation.

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Rare Affections (English Edition)

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