Quiet River


A woman kills a man. She doesn't regret it. She thinks he deserves to die. Who is she? Why did she do it?

Lisa and Matt Collins spend a weekend at the small town of Quiet River, where their son, Evan, meets a woman who says he looks like her son, and gives him cookies. The next morning a hotel clerk gives them another bag of cookies and explains that somebody brought it from the kitchen for Evan. Lisa sees something change in the clerk's eyes but ignores it.

The family goes back home to Seattle, where Matt returns to his job as a magazine editor and Lisa finds out she is pregnant second time. After a short while, Matt's personal assistant dies in a car accident and Matt and Lisa get involved into a violent store robbery where Lisa loses her unborn child. They think it was their worst nightmare but how little did they know. They have to return to Quiet River to learn what the darkest dark is and what face it can wear.

Quiet River is a small town and people are friendly. But remember – evil lives in quiet water.

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Quiet River

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