Pushed out the Crack house into God’s house (English Edition)

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Have you ever lost hope in life because of your past? Has a
situation taken hold of you? Are you a backslider? It’s okay! It is
never too late to be who God has created you to be. NOW, is the
acceptable time for you to allow your past to push you into your destiny!
God led me from a house that had “crack” in it to the only person who
was capable of filling those “cracks” in me. His name is Jesus Christ and
He will make right all the wrongs in your life if you allow Him to. ‘Pushed
Out the Crack House’ tells how I was pushed from a bad situation into
something greater, it just so happened that my bad situation was an
actual crack house. Were you once in a bad situation; or do you find
yourself in one now? Does it seem as if your past is holding you back?
The Lord hears your cry! If someone once told you that you’re hopeless,
like they told me; or maybe you told yourself this…then this book is for
YOU! Jesus has a destiny for my life and he has one for yours and He
will use your past to get you there.

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Pushed out the Crack house into God’s house (English Edition)

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