Programming Spiritually: Becoming More Present and Connected Through Software Development (English Edition)


Software development can be isolating at times. This book offers 8 lessons you can bring to your daily work to program in a more spiritual way so that you relax, improve your focus and enjoy your work more.

Gain more energy and passion for programming

Many programmers start out incredibly energized by our work. We enjoy solving problems. We enjoy helping people. We enjoy making systems better.

But somewhere along the way, negativity sets in. Maybe it's one too many unrealistic deadlines, demanding bosses, or no recognition for your hard work and effort. Maybe people only come to you when things go wrong and no one is around when things go right.

Year after year of this takes its toll and begins to wear away at your motivation. Maybe you lose your energy for programming. Maybe you feel a little depressed. Maybe you think about changing careers.

All these reactions are perfectly normal for a person that has lost their programming spirit.

This book is about regaining it

I came up with the idea for this book while attending a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat. During that time, surrounded by nature and peace and quiet, my mind was its clearest since I was a child. It's amazing how living without distractions can focus your mind like nothing else.

It also helped me realise what I was doing wrong. I had lost the spirit in my work. Bringing spirituality to your work will reward you in ways that go beyond just the quality and output at your job.

Luckily, you don't need to isolate yourself for 10 days to bring more spirituality to your everyday work. I've come up with the key concepts that any programmer can use on a daily basis to feel more energized and rewarded with work.

What do I get out of this book?

Improved quality of work

As programmers, we make mistakes and introduce bugs when do not fully understand the problem or are not listening to our bodies when it is time for a break. How many times have you tried to force out a solution at the end of the day that you easily solved the following morning after a good night's rest? This book will teach you how to be more aware of what you are doing and more aware of yourself which will help you improve the quality of code that you write.

Get more done

It follows that when you are more focused on what you are doing, you can accomplish much more. Distractions not only come from others but from within ourselves. Our thoughts and even sensations in our body can distract us if we let it. You'll learn how to let go of distractions in order to focus on your present work. Doing so will help you to get more done effortlessly.

More happiness and enjoyment

Our lives are not replaceable parts. How we are feeling with life in general shows up in our work and vice versa. By implementing the lessons from this book, you will feel more satisfied with your work which will spill over into the rest of your life. We can all be happy and satisfied with our work.

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Programming Spiritually: Becoming More Present and Connected Through Software Development (English Edition)

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