Poetic eXpressions by TheXhale Club (Real Women Issues Book 1) (English Edition)


Poetic eXpressions by TheXhale Club presents Real Women Issues. Issues of the Everyday Woman. These expressions are based on real issues, good and bad, that are dealt with on a daily basis by everyday women. These poems are guaranteed to give self reflection, help women help themselves, better our families and positively influence our community.
Our hurt, distrust, struggles and strength are poured thoughout this book. Every woman can relate to this book. If I'm not talking about your situation, I'm definitely talking about your friend, co-worker, sister, boyfriend, baby daddy etc. Every woman can see themselves at some point in their life in this book. Every expression is honest and self checking.

These poems are inteded to start a conversation to help each other and self help ourselves. It’s important that every woman is aware that although their situation may be unique they're not alone when it comes to hurt and issues.

At the end of every expression, there is a Q&A to start an eXhale discussion with the intent to make positive changes. You can eXhale among yourselves, kids, family, friends or book club at the end of each expression.

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Poetic eXpressions by TheXhale Club (Real Women Issues Book 1) (English Edition)

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