PARANORMAL: ROMANCE: Taken By Two Ghosts (English Edition)



Discover a very sexy romance short story with a whole lot of werewolf passion!

Taken By Two Ghosts

After the untimely and tragic death of her parents, Marion is sent to live with her estranged uncle in the middle of the country. While there she hopes to discover more about her mother’s mysterious past.

To Marion's surprise, she ends up discovering something much more shocking as two phantoms make themselves present and introduce her to a steamy, sensual realm of pleasure and passion…..the likes of which she has never experienced before.

She also discovers that her mom was much more of a sensual beast than she could have ever imagined.

Please enjoy several short stories as bonus by various authors after the main story! All types of burning hot tales for your enjoyment. They will heat you up!

This book contains adult themes and is not intended for under eighteen.

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PARANORMAL: ROMANCE: Taken By Two Ghosts (English Edition)

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