Onslaught III (English Edition)

Science Fiction

The saga continues…
After an assassination attempt is made on the Emperor’s life, he unleashes his human war machine, and as they are unleashed, cities burn. Two boys are sent to a faraway planet to begin their training, but only one of them can be Katean.
In New York, an upstart villain calling himself Hellmachine, attempts to make a play for the streets of New York, colliding head on with David. Which of them will win the battle for the streets, and what will become of David’s soul?
Monae and Paul make an alliance in their plot to help rid the world of the worst of the Unpures. Will the remnants of the League be the first casualties?
The heroes and villains of the world not only battle amongst themselves, but soon a new threat emerges, one whose onslaught will be unrelenting.

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Onslaught III (English Edition)

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