One Step Closer (English Edition)

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A journey is a collaboration and culmination of many steps. Sometimes our steps move us forward or backwards. Sometimes we take steps to the left or to the right. Our goal should be that our steps move us toward a definite destination. We hope that our steps are taking us nearer to that which will make us stronger, better, or even be greater people. As our steps are crucial, our end point is as well.
If we want to have the life that God has in store for us, we need to be walking toward Him daily. God has a life of peace and joy for us. Not problem free, but one of peace. Not without tribulations or trouble, but one of triumph. In order for us to possess this life, God has to be our end destination. He has to be the one that we are focusing and He has to be the one that we are depending upon.
In order for us to grow in the Lord and step closer to Him, we must be intentional. It would be wonderful if we could just wake up and be spiritually stronger than we have ever been before. But that is not reality. We must be systematic and strategic if we are going to grow in the Lord. This book will help and lead you to grow spiritually.
Jesus said, “If we are to follow Him, we are to take up our cross daily.” One Step Closer is a tool that will not only strengthen us now it will impact our eternity.

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One Step Closer (English Edition)

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