One More Night: The Alpha Chapter (English Edition)


Jake Raley went to college hoping for the best times of his life. It was a high bar to reach given everything he’d experienced in high school before ever hearing of Gladen Hills. What he’s getting is a roller coaster of emotion and turmoil.
Eric Saren is driven to get through college with a degree while not making any waves. Then he joined a fraternity that threatens all his plans with an early end. His brothers see him for what he is: one of the smartest guys to ever wear the black and gold jersey of Alpha Zeta Xi.
Riley Nichol just wants to have fun at Gladen Hills. Her sorority and inner family line have different thoughts and instead want her to lead them because of her unyielding passion and energy. Can she have it both ways?
Jeff Chester is angry. His past torments him constantly. He sees it every day when he looks in the mirror. He can’t look at some of his brothers without feeling an inconsolable rage. This semester will be the biggest test as he watches some move on while others fall behind.
Tory Brye never gave a damn about what anyone else thought about her until she needed their help achieving something she always wanted.
Brynn Wells doesn’t have a direction. An early tragedy stripped her of all ambition. She gets through every day just making it up as she goes. She doesn’t know what she wants but she’s always more than happy to say what she doesn’t want with a cold fury that would make anyone shiver.
Calvin Gretman wants to continue dating his longtime girlfriend and do it all himself. Asking others for any kind of help was never a part of his plan. As his graduation date nears, he’ll have to decide if that’s the best way to go through life.
Daniel Scribner hasn’t joined a Greek organization like all the others. He hadn’t even given them more than a passing thought since he came to Gladen Hills. Now that his best friend is neck deep in one, he’s starting to see his college experience for what it is and might always be: utterly predictable.
Together, these eight undergrads help shape a series of stories into a complex narrative full of memories, current events and outrageous situations. Each one will see the light and dark sides of college through the drama, drugs and alcohol all while making morally ambiguous decisions.
None of them will be the same when the semester ends…

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One More Night: The Alpha Chapter (English Edition)

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