Once Lost, Twice Found: Book 1 (English Edition)


Inspiration & Religion

This is the story of Clay and Nikki, two teenagers struggling to find true love during their four years of high school. Both have experienced the kind of severe trauma most teens never face, leaving them paralyzed and unable to have a normal relationship. Now, however, as their high school years pass by, they must either give in to their fears, or find a way to overcome them.
But in the midst of their struggle, an even more dangerous attack begins…one that will threaten their very lives.
Will Clay and Nikki discover how to overcome their fears and find the kind of love they’re searching for? Will this new hidden danger finally win out in the end? Or will Clay’s training be enough to defeat it… and if so, at what cost?

Filled with romance, suspense, action, and life-changing lessons; this story will challenge and inspire teens and adults of all ages.

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Once Lost, Twice Found: Book 1 (English Edition)

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