Omega’s Protection: Straight To Gay Bad Boy Mpreg Romance (English Edition)

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In a world built to favor dominance, will this Omega get a second chance at love and will that love be strong enough to handle a secret that threatens everything they have been working towards?

In a town ruled by alphas, Kayden Byrne struggled to provide for himself and young son. Omega’s are considered weak and good for nothing more than raising children, but despite all the odds against him, Kayden managed to build a life in this unforgiving world.

When Kayden wakes up to a room full of suffocating smoke, his first thought is his son. The walls that he built up to protect his son, Cameron, were crumbling around him. Out of the smoke a strong hand is waiting to pull them out.

Neil Hynes, a sexy fireman, is everything that Kayden has ever dreamed of and the cynical side of him can’t help but be skeptical. Maybe Neil isn’t as perfect as Kayden thought. Discovering Neil’s secrets might tear their budding relationship apart and leave Kayden struggling to keep together the life that he is so desperately trying to preserve.

This 15,000 word stand alone romance includes additional Mpreg collection and HEA. Not appropriate for readers under 18.

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Omega’s Protection: Straight To Gay Bad Boy Mpreg Romance (English Edition)

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