Omega Threshold: Bound: Predator Space Chronicles 4 (English Edition)


Space Opera

Amir Tarkos is one of the only humans in the Predator Corp, the most feared and respected military force in the Galaxy. With his partner Bria, a bear-like carnivore, Tarkos is on a dangerous and difficult mission to defend Earth from the last surviving Ulltrians, a race that once extinguished much of the life in the Galaxy.

Tarkos and Bria return to Earth to search for the Ulltrian presence hidden on the planet. But Earth is in turmoil as opposition grows to the plan to join the Galactic Alliance. And, thousands of light years away, a young human girl, Margarita Calvino, has uncovered the secret that will enable the Ulltrians to rule the Galaxy. Tarkos and Bria face the human underground, as Margarita must alone outsmart a hostile alien race.

Omega Threshold: Bound is the first half of the novel Omega Threshold. The book stands alone but–warning–ends in a cliffhanger. The sequel and resolution, Omega Threshold: Unbound, will appear in January 2017.

This novel also forms part of the ongoing Predator Space Chronicles, which are told in novels and short stories.

43,000 words


Looking for an introduction to Tarkos, Bria, and Predator Space? Listen to EscapePod Episode 333! It's available for free at:


Craig DeLancey has published dozens of short stories, in places like Lightspeed, Analog, Nature Physics, Cosmos, Zahir, Aboriginal, and the Mississippi Review Online. His story "Julie Is Three" won the Analog Anlab readers choice award for short story in 2012. The story is currently under film development by Storycom. He is also a playwright, and his plays have received staged readings and performances in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, and elsewhere. His novel GODS OF EARTH is available now on 47North Press.

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Omega Threshold: Bound: Predator Space Chronicles 4 (English Edition)

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