Not Honour More (English Edition)

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The third volume of the Chester Nimmo trilogy.

“It demands to be read.”
The Guardian

“Mr Cary succeeds once again in getting right inside the skin of his character. His style, as vigorous and virile as ever, is skilfully roughened to reflect the forthright thought of a man in action.”
Times Literary Supplement

‘This is my statement, so help me God as I hope to be hung.’

It is 1926, the year of the General Strike.

Jim Latter, his wife Nina and her former husband, Chester, are living in an uncomfortable ménage à trois at Palm Cottage.

Chester sees the chance of a political comeback while Jim, head of the emergency police, feels he must make a stand.

Nina is caught up in the clash between the two men – a situation which inevitably leads to disaster and tragedy.

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Not Honour More (English Edition)

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