No One Visits the Mother of a Drug Addict (English Edition)

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This autobiographical story recounts the author’s experiences enduring her only son’s drug addiction and the physical, emotional and spiritual turmoil the addiction was on her and the family. Readers are given a firsthand viewpoint on witnessing drug addiction take over a person’s life, straight from her eyes. She not only accounts the heartbreak of seeing her son’s tangle with drugs, but also shares how no one knew how, or were sometimes willing, to help the family remain strong in God at that time. Healing did come, and is still coming, through God’s grace and redemption.

Nancy Chalmers hopes her story will bring hope and encouragement to many families dealing with this epidemic and other life altering issues.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will provide scholarships to those needing to enter the wonderful healing program of Teen Challenge. I will never be able to repay their impact on my Son, Andrew Chalmers. But I can help another family experience the miracle of the transformed life of a loved one.

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No One Visits the Mother of a Drug Addict (English Edition)

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