No Kissing (English Edition)


1 is lonely
Every husband dreams of the perfect wife and career. Langston Pennington has both. His career as an author provides him with fame and fortune but that isn’t enough. Langston has a sweet tooth for other women. He manages to keep his cravings under control until he meets Leila Alexander. She is young and beautiful and Langston quickly realizes that his hunger for her is turning into obsession.
2 is company
Every wife dreams of the perfect marriage. Josephine Pennington works hard to maintain a perfect image in the public eye. She is aware of her husband’s unfaithful ways but as long as his playboy antics stay behind closed doors, Josephine is content playing the naïve wife. But when a young beauty enters the picture, Josephine is aware that this time might be different. Langston is careless with Leila and Josephine will do anything to make sure Leila doesn’t ruin her picture perfect image.
3 is a crowd
Every girl dreams to find a man that will sweep her off her feet. Leila Alexander, a struggling student, isn’t rich or successful. She finds that her luck has changed when she meets her favorite author, Langston Pennington. He is handsome and rich. To Leila, Langston is her meal ticket but things get complicated when she finds herself in love with him. What started out as a come-up plan quickly turns into a passionate romance. Ready to put her original plan to the side, Leila confronts Langston about the obvious obstacle in their relationship— his wife.

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No Kissing (English Edition)

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