No Blood Left: A Novel (English Edition)


Mary Elizabeth Hermann, “Liz,” is fighting to keep a hold on her life in Arizona. She is struggling with hopelessness due to a diagnosed, terminal illness and having lost all in the last two years. She chose a small town to settle in after her husband abandoned her and their home was lost. Determined to make it on her own, she rejects charity and help. She turns away men who love her and who accept her the way she is, until she meets Nate and love flairs. He wants to go slow but she hasn’t time; she doesn’t tell him why and despairs. Into this discord, steps a man, Jesse Munds, who woos her just as Nate spurns her. She gives in — her last decision. He is a monster and she doesn’t escape death.

Liz returns to earth and tries to tell how she died by finding and speaking through a psychic in Ireland. She wants to tell her loved ones she’s happy and not to worry. Family and friends grapple with loss.

The police don’t believe the psychic, and Liz takes action on her own, even though she can’t be seen and can’t be heard. She can’t control her coming and going. Her actions are unpredictable and powers sporadic as she finds her way in her new spirit-life. In the meantime, Detective Osborn sorts through a myriad of lies while hunting for the murderer who had covered his tracks by burning evidence. During the investigation, the supernatural brushed Osborn, but it only confused him. The small town is turned upside down and the killer arrested in 2008.

In 2030, Munds completes his prison term and, with a payback list in mind, returns to Cactus Creek disguised as a reverend. Osborn finds out about the list and takes precautions. Munds’ carefully laid revenge plans turns twisted when an envelope is thrust into his hand. Anger overcomes him; he has a new target and strikes out.

Can Liz help? She has reason. Will Osborn stop Munds before he kills again?

Suspenseful, action-packed mystery novel, with a touch of otherworldliness, No Blood Left captures the spirit of love, loss and redemption.

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No Blood Left: A Novel (English Edition)

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