Nis. 14, 2033 the Final Anniversary of "Sin" (English Edition)

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“The seventh day of Creation, God’s rest day, is the most misunderstood of all the creative days, primarily because the Bible says it hasn’t ended yet. When it does, ‘That’s it! It’s over!’ The book lays the foundation for the never-ending day and the generation of the title—The Final Anniversary of ‘Sin.’ In establishing this foundation, the book reveals the biblical code for calculating the beginning, as well as the end, of the seventh day and why it is important. It breaks down the entire creation account of Genesis and ties this in with the start of the millennium in 2033 AD and the end of the seventh day on Nisan 14, 3033. 2033: The Final Anniversary of ‘Sin’ should be an eye-opener on this whole topic,” states Perry, “and on the lives of many people who are unaware of what the Bible really says.”

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Nis. 14, 2033 the Final Anniversary of "Sin" (English Edition)

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