Nick Saint (English Edition)

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Join in the magic.
Celebrate the joy.
Enjoy the romance.
Experience the miracles.
Escape reality.
NICK SAINT, a novel by Robert De Cristofano.
Every year, twenty-five days before Christmas, a mysterious stranger appears on Earth, on a mission to spread cheer, help others, and offer hope to those who have lost everything.
Joined by his Protector and Guardian, a mysterious dog named Z, the pair forge a new path filled with humor, love, and charity toward others.
Until in just one encounter everything changes.
This time will be nothing like the others.
This young time traveler from the past encounters a beautiful woman that resembles his first and only true love. Certain humans can see and hear his magical dog Z. The chosen one begins to remember his past life, his love, his family.
This supernatural human traveler becomes torn between his past, his present and his future, his love for another, and his spiritual connection to the afterlife.
Everything that is and has ever been, is placed in jeopardy, his life, his soul, his love for another. Upon this new journey, Nick experiences emotions he has not felt in centuries, and has to deal with the depths of evil, only he can choose his path forward.
Feel his heart race, sense his passion, experience his joy as he, and only he, can decide his fate.
Imagine for a moment if Nick Saint were real….
Imagine the miracles…
Imagine the joy…
Imagine the romance…
Imagine the love…
Imagine the magic that is NICK SAINT.
Once you enter the world of this supernatural young spirit, you will never want to leave.

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Nick Saint (English Edition)

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