Neal and Sir Newland: The Genisis (English Edition)


Neal’s journey takes him on a quest where he will embark upon adventures far beyond anything he could imagine. He is confronted not only by his own fears, but the misfortunes of life. His father and mother are divorcing and he has no friends, nor does he fit in anywhere or with anyone. He has no faith in anything greater than himself, he believes in nothing, other than what he can see. Neal embraces the beauty and wonderment of Pairidaeza a perfect world far distant from his own; but rejects who he is and his responsibility to the people of Pairidaeza, not knowing how that rejection will ultimately affect his own world! But what he experience will also thrust him into the dark and harsh ugliness that dwells within the haunting walls of Castle Ashkenazi! He is transformed after being mentally and sexually seduced by evil itself…..Neal has to learn the value of life, the struggles of mankind, the importance of faith, the richness of humility and the amount of his own worth. But first he must die!

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Neal and Sir Newland: The Genisis (English Edition)

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