Naked Berlin (English Edition)

Deutschland & Europa

Today's Berlin is Europe's gayest city where Friday parties last well into Monday. Yet, to get here, Berliners inflicted and struggled through the 20th century's greatest tragedies. Four men, too witty for their own good, inflict their own tragic comedies, and learn that the party's only fun when earned through the struggle.

Kay is a Canadian in a corporate job. He struggles for a fabulous European life, but fabulous and monogamous are uneasy bedfellows. Alex is an American with a trust fund. No responsibility means freedom to hop from one fantasy to the next until family obligation ensares – or saves. Thomas is a German student from a small town whose confidence swells while studying in the sinful capital. But can he keep this from slipping into arrogance, or even violence? Timothy is a British entrepreneur and drawn to Berlin not for its tax breaks, but for the city's men. How could anything bad ever happen to a man who thinks with his penis – or for this power bottom, prostate?

Ba has lived in Europe for more than a decade, and calls Berlin home. Naked Berlin invites you to the party replete with bubbly Sekt. Prost!

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Naked Berlin (English Edition)

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