Moonscape Box Set: Insatiable Series (Insatiable Series Box Set Book 3) (English Edition)

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When the handsome, powerful, and arrogant young werewolf shifter, Tracker Samsa, is forced into an arranged marriage, he rejects the idea of anyone controlling his life. He’s not interested in marrying, especially not to a werefemale.
Will the werefemale win Tracker’s heart even when she knows he only craves humans?
The lessons Tracker learns when he enters the world of men will stay with him always.
Thorn Samsa, the second son of the powerful Alpha werewolf shifter, Lycell, helps rescue the human female Zoey from a bad relationship. The day he sets eyes on her he wants nothing more in life than to have her as his mate. Not because the moon is full and his lust is insatiable, or because he thinks he can take her from his brother Tracker, but because he knows she’s his true love and mate.
“But in the world of men,” his father Lycell warned, “Bad things can happen to good werewolves when you lust after human females.”
Damon Samsa the third werewolf son of Lycell made up his mind. He would challenge his brother Tracker for the werefemale Saadia. All Tracker wanted from Saadia was one thing and he got it. All Damon wanted from Saadia was to have her love him, but he didn’t get his wish and he knew who to blame. Will Damon find the love he’s looking for?
Saadia wanted Tracker so she used her unusual powers to shift into a beautiful human to entice Tracker to mate with her, but after Tracker claims Saadia during the full moon, will he decide to stay with her or move on?
It’s the harsh reality of the Samsa pack falling apart that has all the Samsa werewolves on edge and at each other’s throats.
Will the discovery of a loss Samsa werewolf yearling bring the pack together or split it beyond repair?
Who is the father of the Alpha werewolf yearling?

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Moonscape Box Set: Insatiable Series (Insatiable Series Box Set Book 3) (English Edition)

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