Mission Under the Mistletoe (A Sweet and Sexy Short) (English Edition)


Contains mature themes for 18+ only!

Fast talking, entertaining, life of the party Harrison Hart is not the person I expect to meet under the mistletoe at my friend’s Christmas party, but that’s exactly who I end up locking lips with.
A foot taller than me and donning a silly holiday sweater, he has a strange charm that only a select few can pull off. Maybe that’s why my eyes can’t leave him for the entire party.
I also didn’t expect to leave with him, but when he asks I don’t even think twice before saying yes. And then he’s taking me past snowy fields beneath the winter sky and making me laugh more than anyone ever has. His charming demeanour is keeping my mind off being unable to go home for the holidays, and when he parks his truck beneath the starry sky I find other parts of him keeping me distracted too.

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Mission Under the Mistletoe (A Sweet and Sexy Short) (English Edition)

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