Minecraft: The 10 in 1 Diaries and Stories Bundle (English Edition)


Story 1: Salem is a spider who hates the rain, but in the tropical climate, you have to create a good web in order for it to be durable. Salem is a little confused when his web breaks. Should he go hunting without webs? Should he attack the humans? Or should he just join a group of spiders?

Story 2: When the main character of this story, Gardiff, sees a prediction about a young hero, he is serious about discovering the truth and validity of the signed prophecy. He collects his things and sets forth on a long quest to seek answers. And even though the answers don’t come at first, the unfolding of coincidental events seem to work in his favor and provide him the opportunity to show his true character.

Story 3: When Alfred gets bored with his obligations and standard routines, he leaves the palace and goes on a little adventure. He meets a special person, fights a dark figure in his courts, and changes the law through his father forever. His status as a prince isn’t everything, and he discovers it quickly. But his brave character helps him overcome obstacles and defeat obscure enemies.

Story 4: In this diary of a Minecraft guy, you’ll find an adventure that starts with a murder scene, unfolds into a mysterious search, and ends with the defeat of evil. Bart is an average citizen of his little town, but when his name appears on a creepy wall with previous victims, he knows he has to do something or he will be next. His dog, Bruno, and he pursue a suspect and are shocked at what they find.

Story 5: The fun story of the Minecraft boys, Steve and Steff, includes soccer games, mooshrooms, and chess matches. They do all these things together, but because their personalities differ, they both have a different view of what happened. One is happy, the other sad; the one having a blast, the other bored. It goes on and on like this, but they learn to deal with each other in the right way.

Story 6: Gloria has a way with the ghasts, and even though everyone in town assumed they were hostile and would attack you immediately, Gloria discovers otherwise. She heads to the forest and finds a group of fire spitting ghasts that are eager to involve her into their little community. Other dramatic events occur, and a war between huge spiders and the same group of ghasts is in the air… a battle that could end well… or not.

Story 7: These two stories will give you the shivers and make you laugh at the same time. The first is about Steve, a village guard who gets haunted by a ghost. Together, they fight skeletons and defend the town’s borders, until something happens to Steve that makes him invincible. The second story is about a mother and her two daughters. They inherited a haunted house but they are still discovering why there is a ghost in their gigantic, creepy-looking house. Is the ghost trying to tell them something, or does she just want scare them?

Story 8: When the villagers notice someone has been robbed, Violet is about to find out more about the case when she is confronted with a chase, a giant wolf when the full moon shows its shiny face, and an unexpected ending to the question of who has committed the crime. She loves wolves, but she cannot tolerate such acts.

Story 9: Carson and Melvin are warriors for the king. The Great White Palace regularly has assignments for them. They complement each other, going on adventures in the mountains and in swamps, but when the king requests that a dangerous wither be slain, they kind of turn against each other and start competing for the reward and the diamond sword.

Story 10: After being thrown into a dumpster and surviving a few obnoxious bullies, Coco the shiatzu discovers endermen in the city. He wants to know more about it and follows them to the forest. What he sees there, is more important than anything else. He goes back to warn his owner and helps save the city.

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Minecraft: The 10 in 1 Diaries and Stories Bundle (English Edition)

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