Minecraft: Self Adventures of a Minecraft Ninja, Zombie, and Creeper (English Edition)

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Choose your own Minecraft Quests (3 quests) as a ninja, zombie or a creeper

Quest 1: After a theft at the museum, the grand detective, Mr. Questionmark, calls you over to do some research. With your two big knives and your sneaking and fighting skills, you are perfectly equipped to bring back the three valuable pickaxes that the villain stole. Some adventure, some action, and a sprinkle of romance make this self-adventure an unforgettable Minecraft book.
Quest 2: The adventure starts out with the fact that you are a zombie. You don’t know how or why it happened, but you know you were once human. What happens then, is a long flashback of everything that took place before you transformed into such a filthy creature. You made a number of decisions that brought you to the town’s square where you ended up eventually. But what matters even more than what you did before that, is what you’re going to do now about the zombie outbreak! Enjoy this fun, engaging Minecraft self adventure that allows you to make choices and determine the path and results of the story yourself.

Quest 3: Choose your own story as you get woken up by a girl whose name you are still to discover. She tells you of a hostile village, where evil witches lurk beneath the shadows. As a skilled warrior, you get hired by the village chief to spy behind the enemy’s gates and figure out a way to defeat them. You have the choice to contact villagers, sneak around, or engage in a severe battle of war. However, when you find yourself being turned into some kind of creeper-human, you realize that there is more going on. Will you finish the book and discover the hidden secrets that you need to know before you can destroy your enemies? Start reading and make the right choices. Only then will you survive and save the day.

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Minecraft: Self Adventures of a Minecraft Ninja, Zombie, and Creeper (English Edition)

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