Mime Design (English Edition)


– That you again rustle? – with insult the younger son Ailoo, the five-year-old boy who completely settled physical activity told, playing about on the dinner course, and now, having curled up, lay almost between Tairi and Haoto. – That you again shake me! – it "prorydat". A blanket hanged. A pillow told something to it in Estonian, that potormozit a little, and then sharply understood. – That you all revolt in Tobolsk sat-perdel, but did not run away to the Toy pistol? – Bogdanko was thrown up. – That you already made. To trace any discrepancy on the planet and to report about them to us. Everything that can have though some relation to terrorism, drug traffic, trade in bodies and to that to the similar criminal sphere. To put it briefly, simply protect the planet from any nasty thing. Will be able? – That you also thought turns out – Tatyana grinned. – Or such situation happened to his close friend or the relative and haunts it, or it is not so successful as you think. Or …

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Mime Design (English Edition)

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