Midnight Sleeper: Visions of the Jazz Age (English Edition)


Time travel 1925, the depths of Prohibition. Bootleggers are bloodying the streets. Easy money and Wall Street insider trading are secretly picking its winners and losers. Then something happens on a train and it all goes to hell.

KIRKUS REVIEWS: Midnight Sleeper, Series 1.

(Plot spoilers deleted) "In 1925, whites are lynching African-American men in Mississippi, speak-easies are doing a bang-up business in New York City, and trains with elite Pullman porters bind the cities together in this mystery. Lomax (Stand Your Ground, 2015) begins his tale with the real-life killing of Lindsay Coleman, in Clarksdale, Mississippi…The train setting becomes a wonderful narrative device, featuring scenes reminiscent of those in many a French bedroom farce….Almost everyone has a secret (or a secret agenda)…Also on the train is the ravishing, crafty Shelby Prevette, the daughter of a very rich plantation family. Is she trying to escape…?…Meanwhile, the quietly competent Beau [Pullman porter] holds the story together…Lomax has a knack for memorable phrases; one character, for example, has “a face as long as a sermon,” and another “smiled the way a crab crawls.” The author also has a gift for the sort of wiseacre repartee that one imagines people speaking in the Roaring ’20s. Period details, meanwhile, are spot-on; Lomax has clearly done his homework. But it isn’t all wit and sparkle: the Mississippi chapters sickeningly show how black men were forced to be deferential under threat of death. Lomax keeps the plot (and readers) hopping in this quirky novel."

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Midnight Sleeper: Visions of the Jazz Age (English Edition)

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