Menage Romance : Two Choices (English Edition)

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MMA BBW Romance

College student Kelly Burch is forever stuck in the friend zone. Having given up on men, she spends all her free time working at the diner. Then an upcoming local MMA match brings not just one, but two men into Kelly’s life. Things are about to get very interesting…

Aaron is a handsome, passionate, quintessential All-American boy. John is sexy, mysterious and rough around the edges. But one thing they both have in common: they both want Kelly. How can it be she’s suddenly so lucky? Is it really ‘luck’?

Dominant personalities, a dark history and broken promises lead to a very dangerous game of love.

Author’s note: This is a short story with steamy scenes and language intended for mature audiences.

Bonus Stories included in this copy!

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Menage Romance : Two Choices (English Edition)

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