Memes: The Memes Bible – The Funny Memes Gospel: The Lord Of Memes Has Spoken (Funny Books) (English Edition)

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived!

That's right, The Memes Bible has arrived!!

Packed full of over 1000 of the funniest memes of all time! The Gospel according to Memes? Here it is!!


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Kid, Inc. is an original comic strip that combines Peanuts' heart with Calvin & Hobbes' hilarious attitude about the status quo. From home to classroom, from playground to corporate America, these 4th graders on a mission to upgrade the world!


* Over 6 months of all-new daily comic strips
* 32 full color Sunday strips
* The first volume of Bob's heartfelt blog, Bob vs. the Future
* Character sketchbook


* Transportation of Tomorrow: Instead of writing a boring essay on transportation, Media Jean and Chip create a virtual presentation.

* Pushed Into the Future: Chip's latest upgrades result in a visit from the FBI.

* Johnny's Avatar: To help Johnny cope with mortality, the kids turn to bioengineering. But building Johnny's virtual twin creates unexpected problems.

* Bob's Igloo: Bob builds an igloo and retreats from the modern world, only to be joined by other dads who feel equally overwhelmed.

* More Halloween: The kids invent a way to get four times as much candy this year.

* Screen-Free Week: Miss Stillwater sends her class (especially Media Jean) into a frenzy by signing them all up for Screen-Free Week.

* The Batcave of Childhood: An epic 7-week series! Media Jean and Chip don super-hero costumes to become the Kid Crusaders.

* Bob vs the Future (Blog): An overwhelmed dad tries to make sense of the ever-changing world. But when his journal gets posted online, his sincere thoughts draw humorous comments from the kids.


Media Jean believes everything should be upgraded, and then the upgrades should be upgraded. There's always a faster, smarter, more entertaining way to do the things we do. As a result, she never considers the consequences of change. When life itself is a beta test, mistakes are simply part of the equation.

Chip MacMurray is like a little Zen monk seeking high tech nirvana, searching for ways to improve life's usability. Though as optimistic about the future as Media Jean, Chip also loves the way things are. It's not uncommon to find him at the park, playing meditatively in the sandbox with shovel and pail.

Johnny Green's dad keeps a small armchair in the downtown office, and when Johnny visits they talk shop like a couple of power brokers. Johnny is obsessed with success, money and status, yet there's still something naive and charming about this child businessman and his Wall Street dreams.

Bob MacMurray is a single dad, downsized worker reluctant blogger, and Kid, Inc.'s first employee. As a hands-on man, he feels completely out of place in today's e-world. Yet for all his cynicism, Bob is an idealist at heart, and can usually recognize that the tension between Chip's New World and his own Old World is a catalyst for growth.

Alice Stillwater is a down-to-earth romantic. She shuns technology, preferring the books, pencils and chalk of her youth -- what she calls "the physicality of education." She loves being a teacher, and is determined to do for her students what her best teachers did for her: instill a wild love of learning.

Henry Green is a successful and hard working CEO. But his real business is his son. He moved corporate headquarters from New York to Newton so his son could experience the small town life which so shaped his own childhood. He teaches Johnny to live by the Book of Capitalism, the Law of Free Markets, and the Spirituality of Stuff.


All-new blog posts (and kid comments) from our resident Luddite, Bob McMurray. Bob's thoughts are expressed with such wit and heart, you may find yourself identifying with many of his experiences.

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