Medieval Passions: A Medieval Scottish Romance Collection (English Edition)

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Travel to back to a wild and mysterious era in this new medieval romance collection from Midnight Moon Publishing!


Taken Captive by the Highlander

Luna Everly has never believed in conventional thinking. She had always gone her own way, but then she married Henry and everything changed. Her independence was stunted and she was expected to stay in the kitchen and out of the social limelight. Her husband was boorish, ridiculed her for creative spirit and when she tried to speak out, her complaints would fall on deaf ears. She thought that she was trapped in a loveless marriage, until that fateful day that the highlanders raided their castle and the surrounding area.

Luna saw the death and destruction and then was taken prisoner by Conner and the clan of Patrick. She at first resisted his advances and found him brutish. It wasn’t long, until she sees his vulnerability that she realizes that being captured might’ve been the best thing that could’ve ever happened to her

The Taken Bride

In this thrilling historical romance, follow the seductive tale of Mary. A timid but beautiful and curvy wife of a prominent landowner, Mary has never known the touch of a man other than her boorish and dispassionate husband. Mary is resigned to a life of objectification and boredom, but all that changes during a fateful trip to an orchard on what she believes to be her husband’s land. The sweet fruit pales in comparison to Thomas, the tall, masculine, dark, and mysterious soldier of a fellow landowning aristocrat. Locked in the middle of a land dispute and held captive by this dashing but fearsome soldier of fortune, will Mary’s life descend into a chaotic horror, or will she be seduced into an adventure the likes of which she has never imagined? Lose yourself in the historical medieval backdrop of this story as the mundane life of Mary is transformed by this beautiful stranger. She will never be the same.

Stolen by a Highlander

Stolen by the Highlander tells the story of Freya, a young Scottish woman who was married to her husband, Angus at the tender age of fourteen. Angus treats Freya with no more respect than he would give the dirt on his shoe, but faithful bride Freya continues to stand by him. When a group of Scottish Highlanders attack her village however, and Freya is left to fend for herself she soon re-evaluates what devotion means. Carried off in to the mountains by tall handsome Highlander, Lorne, Freya quickly gets her eyes opened to what life can be like without the bondage of her marriage to Angus. But can Freya overcome her moral confusion in order to allow herself a chance at true happiness?

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WARNING: This ebook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

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Medieval Passions: A Medieval Scottish Romance Collection (English Edition)

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