Mastering the Growing Edge (English Edition)

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A world covered in green, plants master ecosystems. Their powerful growth could be harnessed -for food, for fuel, but also for managing other plants. In a world of weedy growth, plants could enforce the productive order we desire; but how?

Luke Simon has searched for this answer for years, in his own young food forest of Mortal Tree, and in the established gardens of his mentors. Ten basic plants he uses here as model tools for the new dawn of gardening. He briefly explains how we can journey in the art of managing plants with plants by covering and mastering the surface of the soil.

He also offers:

-Details in converting a lawn into garden using nothing but plants growing on site, or that are widely available.
-Recomendations for pairing plants in progress from lawn, to garden, and in the established beds.
-Directions for using these plants in his lately published PASSIVE Gardening system, food forests like his own, and perennial vegetable gardens.
-Over twenty photos showing the plants.

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Mastering the Growing Edge (English Edition)

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