Master Your Craft: Sound System Tuning: For Confidence & Consistency (English Edition)


Improve your confidence and consistency, get more freelance work, and have more fun as an audio engineer.

The audio industry is undergoing a quiet revolution. Meeting audience demands for "magic sound" is getting harder every day, the cost of producing live events is going through the roof, and some of the smartest sound engineers are already changing their methods, or struggling against the tide.

But as scary as this is for some people, there are many sound people who are very excited about it – because when things change, they bring big opportunities for the people who are paying attention.

The big emerging opportunity is in sound system tuning, allowing anyone to tap into the power of minimum variance design principles, to create consistent results night after night and venue after venue.

In this short and easy read, you'll learn how this opportunity is reshaping the audio industry, which is currently separated by two contradictory paradigms: the "golden ears" paradigm, and a paradigm of science. This is unsustainable, and the growing gap will drive many sound engineers into the ground, and create great opportunity for those who are ready to embrace the better way of doing audio, and serving their clients.

Get started on your personal road to more confidence and consistency in your work with sound system tuning—buy your copy now.

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Master Your Craft: Sound System Tuning: For Confidence & Consistency (English Edition)

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