Magician's Gambit (Book 3 of The Belgariad) (English Edition)



Garion, Belgarath, Polgara and their companions face new challenges as they continue their quest to retrieve the stolen Orb before it can be delivered to the evil god Torak.

When they reach the mile-high tower of Ctuchik, who has the Orb and whose followers practice Torak's cruel rites of human sacrifice, Belgarath must use all his strength, guile and sorcery as he faces his most fearsome enemy.  Garion's strange powers continue to grow, as he plays an increasingly crucial role in this world's future.

"Eddings' BELGARIAD is exactly the kind of fantasy I like. It has magic, adventure, humor, mystery, and a certain delightful human insight."
– Piers Anthony on PAWN OF PROPHECY

"Absorbing. Touches all the right Fantasy bases. Warring gods, political intrigues, supernatural creatures, and appealingly human magicians."
– Publishers Weekly on QUEEN OF SORCERY

"A graceful, fluid style of storytelling rare in fantasy writing.”
– Publishers Weekly

about the author:
David Eddings published his first novel, HIGH HUNT, in 1973, before turning to the field of fantasy with The Belgariad, which hit the New York Times bestseller lists, as did his Malloreon series, The Elenium and The Tamuli series. Born in Spokane, Washington, he served in the United States Army and taught college English. His wife Leigh Eddings collaborated with her husband for more than a dozen years on numerous bestsellers.

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Magician's Gambit (Book 3 of The Belgariad) (English Edition)

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