Love Should Have Brought You Home (English Edition)

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Religiöse Belletristik

Love Should Have Brought You Home

A pastor attends a picnic and his world turns into a twilight zone. After he was tricked by a sexual diva he misses a day of life. Being drugged, he experiences the most traumatic adventure ever written in one book.

He enters a time zone where he’s 20 years behind and now facing a struggle with his religious beliefs which are interrupted with tortured sexual encounters he despises. Will being sold at the auction block open a door for escape?

Not knowing how his day will end he takes a chance on falling to sleep and awakening to more fear. Trying to ignore his outer body experience he his entangled with an inner body dilemma.

This book is not suitable for children and will take you to the edge as an adult.

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Love Should Have Brought You Home (English Edition)

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