Long Shot Love Duet – Complete Box Set (A Dark Bad Boy Romance) (English Edition)

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Long Shot Love Duet is an Angsty New Adult Romance intended for mature audiences due to strong language, explicit sex, and violence.



My mother was murdered a year ago.
The loss destroyed me.
I started drinking heavily and had to take time off from school.

Now, at the age of twenty, I’m living with my aunt and uncle while trying to get my life together. But they’re horrible influences. Swingers. Yeah, they cheat on each other, something I’d never do. They also take me everywhere they go, afraid to leave their depressed niece alone, and this weekend the trip is to Afterglow Retreat.

Afterglow—a hidden resort in the Adirondack Mountains where people can pay an outrageous five grand to have sex with a fictional character of their choice.

Five grand for a fantasy playmate? As far as I’m concerned, we’re going to a whorehouse. These people are prostitutes, and I refuse to pay for sex.

But the unexpected happens when we arrive.
I find myself being pursued by a gorgeous, athletic, and totally captivating guy.

Shit… I’m screwed.


Damn, look at her…
Striking baby blues and a sensational body.
She’s so tempting.
Sexy and mysterious.

I want this woman.
Even if it’s just for one night.
No, scratch that.
I want more than a one-night stand.
I want fifty… a hundred… a lifetime of nights with her.

But what if she finds out about The Land of Rabbits?
Do I stand a chance?

Shit… I’m screwed.

* * * * * * * * * *


There’s a reason the name “Jack” is in the title of this book. He’s the one who’s got total control over the story. Yeah, I’m still the narrator, but Jack’s invading our lives, taking Quinn and me on a wild ride. And let’s face it; the guy is unhinged—mad as a March hare.

In other words, we’re f*cked.

We’ve entered The Lair of Jack.

God help us.



Note: There is no cheating between the two main characters, Addie and Quinn, but Jack is an entirely different animal. Fair warning.

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Long Shot Love Duet – Complete Box Set (A Dark Bad Boy Romance) (English Edition)

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