Linux – A Beginner's Guide (English Edition)


This book is for automation engineers who want to learn Linux and Bash shell terminal.
The book starts with introduction of Linux and then dives into key concepts as mentioned below.
Linux installation, Understanding directory structures, Boot process,Desktop Environments, Different shells
Internal and External Commands, Basic Linux Commands, Important files and directories, Environmental and Shell Variables, Command history, Character classes, Text editors, File and directory handling, Text Searching and processing, System commands, Processes and Jobs, Service command in Linux, Network commands, Managing Users and Groups, Other Popular commands, Standard streams and Redirection, Pipes, Package Managers, Shell scripting Introduction, Tools required for shell scripting, First shell script, Interacting with user, Operators, Special characters in BASH scripting, Variables in Linux BASH scripting, Arrays, Arithmetic operations, String manipulation in shell scripting, Substitutions, Statements, Passing data in and out of shell script, Functions, Sourcing files.

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Linux – A Beginner's Guide (English Edition)

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