Life on a Slope: The Diary of a Hong Kong Expat (English Edition)


The vibrancy of Hong Kong is usually portrayed by stories and images of its densely-populated urban areas. Tourists are invited to visit the city’s bustling street markets and designer shopping malls, and enjoy the view of its famous harbour and glittering skyline. But what is there to do in Hong Kong if you’re not a shopping enthusiast?

The list of outdoor attractions in this special region is endless, from the fire-cracking, dragon-dancing chaos of its colourful festivals to the peaceful serenity of its temples, beaches and extensive national parks. Hong Kong’s deep-rooted traditions, colonial past and modern developments form a fascinating destination for everyone.

Life on a Slope is a collection of entertaining short memoirs of an expat from the north of England who explored Hong Kong’s complex landscape and found herself captivated by its characterful charm.

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Life on a Slope: The Diary of a Hong Kong Expat (English Edition)

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