Life in the Land of Smiles: Teaching and Traveling (English Edition)


In this memoir and how-to guide, Brian Fitzroy — an English teacher who has taught in multiple countries to students of multiple nationalities — paints a picture of the teaching, traveling, and always adventuring life of a foreigner in Thailand, the Land of Smiles.

As brilliantly told in this narrative, coming from the West, Thailand is a place where practically every situation is different, exotic, and at times scary. From facing wild students, a literal elephant in the room, mind-bogglingly dangerous traffic, and an attacking monkey, the journey is electrifying. Many people who arrive in Thailand to explore or to teach or both are often overwhelmed when seeing themselves in the situation of being there, in person.

Not for everybody, this a story and a guide of a person who for a lifetime will look back at moments that, by taking chances, changed life’s perspectives. This is a look at those chance encounters with adventures, often unexpected, that kindness of others, friendship, and the far-reaching consequences of chance encounters had on the author.

The perspectives are shown in chapter summary guides on how to understand the culture, learning how to stay cool when teaching, where are the most amazing places to relax, and how to achieve success. A detailed packing list at the end provides information of what to bring. This is an enthralling read of how to survive, but to never try to master, the culture, the surprises, the uniqueness of Thailand.

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Life in the Land of Smiles: Teaching and Traveling (English Edition)

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