Life and War Book 2: Veterans of World War Two (English Edition)


We owe a debt of gratitude to our parents and the millions of other men and women who served in World War Two — members of what has been called "The Greatest Generation." Noted Author and Personal Historian Kathleen Shelby Boyett honors six veterans of the war – five men and one woman – in this book by sharing their stories — their stories of life and of war, and of their dreams after the war was over. Come battle through Italy with Warrant Officer Elmo Brock, parachute into Europe with Major Fordyce Gorham, tend the wounded soldier with Captain Nell Mertins, fly through the flak-filled skies of the Pacific with Lt. Leo Horvath, predict the weather in Brazil with Lt. Don Pemberton, lay communication lines across the Himalayas with Private John Ballard, and join the Occupying Army in Berlin. Come and honor these special veterans.

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Life and War Book 2: Veterans of World War Two (English Edition)

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