Lets Talk: America's Favorite Talk Show Hosts (Encore Film Book Classics 37) (English Edition)

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Part of the Encore Film Book Classics series, this is a reprint of the original text to Let’s Talk! America’s Favorite Talk Show Hosts by James Robert Parish.
Television talk shows have been a favorite genre of the medium since the early days of American commercial TV at the start of the 1950s. It has remained an enduring format (with numerous variations and offshoots) over many decades, highlighted by an amazing array of distinctive program hosts, every one of whom had his/her own unique personality that attracted a wide viewing public. Each of the twenty-three chapters is devoted to the professional and off camera life of a genre pioneer/favorite who played such a key role in the phenomenal history of American TV shows.
Among the many colorful superstar personalities profiled in this volume are: Steve Allen, Johnny Carson, Joan Rivers, Sally Jessy Raphael, Jack Paar, Geraldo Rivera, Whoopi Goldberg, Virginia Graham, Oprah Winfrey, David Frost, Merv Griffin, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Regis Philbin, Mike Douglas, Larry King, Vicki Lawrence, Phil Donahue, Dinah Shore, Arsenio Hall, Dick Cavett, Kathie Lee Gifford, David Letterman, and Jay Leno. This then is the fascinating and compelling world of Let’s Talk! America’s Favorite Talk Show Hosts.
JAMES ROBERT PARISH, a former entertainment reporter, publicist, and book series editor, is the author of many published major biographies and reference books on the entertainment industry including Whitney Houston: We Will Always Love You; The Hollywood Book of Extravagance; It’s Good to Be the King: The Seriously Funny Life of Mel Brooks; The Hollywood Book of Breakups; Fiascos: Hollywood’s Iconic Flops; The Hollywood Book of Scandals; The Hollywood Book of Love; Hollywood Divas; Jet Li; Hollywood Bad Boys; The Encyclopedia of Ethnic Groups in Hollywood; The Hollywood Book of Death; Gus Van Sant; Whoopi Goldberg; Rosie O’Donnell’s Story; The Unofficial “Murder, She Wrote” Casebook;
Today’s Black Hollywood; Let’s Talk! America’s Favorite TV Talk Show Hosts; Prison Pictures from Hollywood; Prostitution in Hollywood Films; The Great Cop Pictures; Ghosts and Angels in Hollywood Films; Pirates and Seafaring Swashbucklers on the Hollywood Screen; Gays and Lesbians in Mainstream Cinema; Hollywood’s Great Love Teams; and The Fox Girls. Mr. Parish is a frequent oncamera interviewee on cable and network TV for documentaries on the performing arts. The author resides in Studio City, California.

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Lets Talk: America's Favorite Talk Show Hosts (Encore Film Book Classics 37) (English Edition)

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