Lesbian Books: Taming Her Dragon (English Edition)

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Science Fiction

Lesbian Dragon Shifter Romance

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They met on the first day of college: Lily was a punk rock kid with a horrible Mohawk and a smile that looked like dawn breaking, and Adira was a gorgeous redhead, terribly shy.

They were friends for years, telling each other everything and sharing every triumph, every heartbreak. Then, over time, so slowly they didn’t even notice it, they drifted apart.

Which was why, when they met again after months, neither one of them could believe the sparks that flew. Adira had known how gorgeous Lily was, but she’d never felt like this before: like she could fall into Lily’s eyes, like she wanted to be with this woman forever.

Too shy to admit how they felt, they planned a trip to Greece. A trip where maybe they could have the courage to say what they really felt.

But Lily bailed at the last minute. Because what Adira didn’t know was that Lily had a secret. And not just any secret. Not just a tiny secret.

Lily had developed the ability to shift into a dragon. And Adira might just be her mate. That is, if they survive the deadly trials every new dragon must face…

WARNING: This book contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only.

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Lesbian Books: Taming Her Dragon (English Edition)

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