Learn ABAP in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners (English Edition)


You do not require much effort to be proficient in SAP ABAP language if you have access to right learning resource. With this book, you can begin with your first SAP ABAP program in minutes. The book makes ABAP program as simple as reading the specification doc, analyze the requirements and start coding. This book will give you a quick tour on basic concepts like an internal table, structures & field symbols, data dictionary, and so on.

Whether you're writing programs for HR, SD, FI, or one of the many other modules within SAP the guidelines in this book will help across all your SAP modules. To save users efforts, the abstract of SAP ABAP is put together in an understandable format. Images, examples, and code will teach you how to create database tables and lists, work with fields and calculations, and debug your code for errors in no time.

For Beginners this book can be a gateway to learn SAP ABAP. They can use this edition as a personal guide. They can learn various control command and practice them in real ABAP environment. All high level and fundamental topics of SAP ABAP required for development of SAP application are covered.

Table Content

Chapter 1: Introduction

Data Types

Control Statements

Logical Operator

Chapter 2: Data Dictionary


Data Elements



Aggregated Objects of ABAP Dictionary

Chapter 3: Macro,Include,Subroutines,Function Modules & Groups


Include Programs


Function Modules

Function Groups

Chapter 4: Native and Open SQL

Basic Open SQL Commands

Open SQL Return Codes

Open SQL – Performance Rules

Chapter 5: SAP Internal Tables

Types of Internal Tables

Creating Internal Tables

Populating Internal Tables

Reading Internal Tables

Deleting Internal Tables

Chapter 6: ABAP Table Controls

Chapter 7: ABAP Report Programming

Selection Screen

Events in an ABAP Report Program

Formatting the report

Interactive Programming

Logical Databases

Chapter 8: ABAP Dialog Programming

Difference between Report and Dialog Programs

Components of Dialog Program

Chapter 9: Subscreens

Chapter 10: Process on Value & Process on Help

Process on Help-Request (POH) : F1 Help

Process on Value (POV): F4

Chapter 11: ALV – ABAP List Viewer Programming

Simple Report

Block Report

Hierarchical Reports

Chapter 12: All About SAP Scripts

Components of SAP Script

Layout Set

Control Commands

Output Types

Standard Texts and Graphics

Chapter 13: Smart Forms

Smart Forms and SapScripts Comparison

Architecture of SAP Smart Form

Smartforms Guide

Windows in Smart Forms

Smart Forms Programming Flow

Chapter 14: Customer and User Exits

Types of Customer Exits

Examples of Customer Exits

Locating Customer Exits

What is a USER EXIT?

Chapter 15: BADI

Chapter 16: All About ABAP Query



USER Groups

Translation/QUERY Component

Chapter 17: SAP BDC – Batch Data Communication

Introduction to Batch input

Methods of Batch Input

Batch Input Procedures

Writing BDC program

Batch Input Recorder

Chapter 18: EDI ,ALE and iDOC

What is ALE ?

Difference between ALE and EDI ?

What is IDOC?

Structure of an IDOC

What is a Segment?

What is Extension IDOC type ?

Chapter 19: BAPI

How to create a BAPI

Releasing and freezing the BAPI

Chapter 20: RFC

What is RFC?

Types of RFC

How to Code an RFC ?

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Learn ABAP in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners (English Edition)

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