Kindle Secrets with Scrivener for Mac: Make Money Self-Publishing Now (English Edition)

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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This book is your self-publishing solution.You’ll find an overview of self-publishing, including case studies, Amazon programs and the exact steps it takes to format a book for Kindle using affordable self-publishing software, Scrivener for Mac.

AUTHOR: America’s Self-Publishing Mentor, Susan McIntire, empowers writers by educating authors about the simple Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) process. Using clear directions and illustrations, McIntire demystifies the writing process using the affordable self-publishing software, Scrivener, to teach you how to prepare and format your book for Kindle from scratch.

NOTES: Volume 1 is geared to authors who want to learn how to publish their book on Kindle with ease using a writing process designed for a Mac. In contrast, due to popular demand, Volume 2 will cover book marketing how-to’s in detail (to be sold separately). The upcoming Volume 3 will offer PC Scrivener users the necessary writing process how-to’s (customizing Volume 1’s steps for PC users.)

DESCRIPTION: Can you learn how to become an author and make money now, even if you don’t know where to begin?

Yes, it’s true. You can successfully self-publish but only if you first know how to format a book and get it onto Amazon. Let me explain.

A short time ago, I didn’t know how to take advantage of self-publishing’s new reality either. I knew that authorpreneurs are no longer at the mercy of publishing behemoths and that a full third or more of successful Amazon Kindle books are self-published. The problem is that you may be aware of self-publishing success stories, but feel like the formatting process is elusive or a big secret everyone else seems to know.

I just wanted to write and I know you do too. But I found some self-publishing tips lead me astray and cost me a lot of time. Other resources didn’t answer my questions and left me hanging. And still others required me to re-read information over and over again. And if I needed to repeat the steps later, I had to search for the right writing 101 source again, as up until now, the answers have been spread far and wide.

How does this book help you?

Better than scouring resources and learning what you need to know as you go, I solved the self-publishing how-to problem by creating this authentic go-to guide, documenting the essential steps and tools in one reference tool that just works. I realize a lot of people want to know how to write a novel or non-fiction book and would self-publish in a heartbeat if only they knew the easy self-publishing process that I detail.

Why not use other resources? I tried. I invested in other self-publishing programs and books, supposedly designed to teach how to use standard word processing programs to self-publish that didn't work because they were too complicated or incomplete.

I was determined to self-publish and that’s when I discovered Scrivener, the Swiss Army Knife of self-publishing programs! And after documenting Scrivener how-to's, I figured out what is important to know about Amazon's various self-publishing programs and share that with you as well.

With this author how-to, you can master what you need to know to self-publish on Kindle in digestible easy steps. I had never even heard of Scrivener for self-publishing and found many new and established authors now use this best kept secret for self-publishing success.

If you’re looking to self-publish via KDP but are starting from scratch, look no further. The section on formatting images or pictures for Kindle is worth it's weight in gold alone, as many authors have found image display results frustrating and disappointing without my tips. This is the only place you’ll find my resource. Start now. Use this book to demystify the self-publishing process today and begin making money via Kindle Direct Publishing.

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Kindle Secrets with Scrivener for Mac: Make Money Self-Publishing Now (English Edition)

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