Josiah: Passing on a Legacy (English Edition)

Historische Romane

Josiah is a story of love, respect, and the deeper meanings of life. As he is reaching the end of his days, Josiah must share his story. He is compelled to pass on his legacy before he draws his final breath. He boldly and openly shares the trials and triumphs of his life. There is an underlining meaning of life that he has discovered: everyone has value.
The story is set in the first century, while the Romans still occupied Judea. Several of the characters are historically documented in the Bible and from other sources. The story depicts the conflicts between Jewish social classes; the Jewish people and the Romans. The conflict within friendships, casual and deep, is exposed.
The Josiah series is a leading work of contemporary Christian fiction. The story line contains the classic conflict of good versus evil, religion versus faith, rich versus poor, even life versus death. Further, there is the development of how each person brings value to this world.
Download this first book in the series. Join with Josiah. Will he be successful in his quest to pass on his legacy?

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Josiah: Passing on a Legacy (English Edition)

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